When you know your motivation, pace doesn’t matter; forward is forward.

The last thing that grows on a tree, is the fruit.

I also know that there’s probably little point in pursuing a goal if one absolutely detests the process of achieving it. Let’s be real though — often the process of ‘getting there’ isn’t pleasant. Studying for an exam, working after hours to build a business, or marathon training in and of themselves rarely feel good, in that very moment.

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  • Firstly, yoga…
  • Secondly, running…

And then it hit me — I stopped enjoying the process not because anything changed in the process itself, but because I have completely lost sight of the reasons why I embarked on it in the first place.

So I sat down and wrote down all the reasons why I originally decided to teach yoga and run the marathon. And so they go…

  • Yoga:

Organising my own yoga classes was also supposed to be a chance to play — with sequences and themes of my classes, and the setting of the yoga studio.

And thankfully, in moments when I don’t subject myself to any pressure or social comparisons, I genuinely enjoy teaching! I love having complete freedom to structure my classes the way I want in my small gorgeous studio near Brixton. I love coming up with themed sequences, and collecting quotes or stories to share with my students at the beginning or end of the class. I love seeing my students progress week by week, or reporting feeling better in parts of their body where they used to feel pain or discomfort. I love the fact that my classes are private and cosy, and that I can devote my full attention to everyone in the room, truly sharing my energy with them.

I know that I am doing this for fun and to fulfil my soul’s yearning for purpose, and not for money or Instagram followers. And so, as long as I’m having fun and feeling purposeful, I am moving forward.

  • Running.

My pace — and completion time — became less important, for I (once again) really started enjoying the process.

There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon; they shine when it’s their time!

If you must compare, then compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.

In comparison to ‘me yesterday’, who knew relatively little about yoga despite practicing it for 10+ years or who struggled completing a 5k run without metaphorically spitting her lungs out, I am doing pretty well :).



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Agnieszka Zbieranska

Agnieszka Zbieranska

Business Psychologist, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, 200hr Yoga Teacher. A firm believer that we can all be better than ‘ok’, in every area of our lives.