What Helps (& What Doesn’t) with Daily Yoga — 1st Week Check-In

  1. Daily Greatness Yoga Journal
Drew and I even managed to organise a private yoga session in one of the conference rooms in his office… the very proof you CAN do yoga literally anywhere.
  1. Post-NYE hangover/intoxication

Often the way we act on the mat is the way we act off the mat, the things that we struggle with or hold on tight to or push through on the mat are similar to the things that we struggle with, hold on and push through in real life.

I invite you to keep that in mind in the second week of our yoga adventure. Namaste, peeps!



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Agnieszka Zbieranska

Agnieszka Zbieranska

Business Psychologist, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, 200hr Yoga Teacher. A firm believer that we can all be better than ‘ok’, in every area of our lives.