I can do 28 days without booze, right? … Right?

  1. Will I seem boring when going out with my friends/coworkers? So many times in the past I’d hear ‘Oh, c’mon. Don’t be boring! One glass won’t hurt’, when trying to refuse an alcoholic drink. And those who know me, know that I’m a sucker for peer pressure… and a good glass of wine.
  2. Will I seem boring to myself? Wow, that was deep!
  3. What on Earth will I drink over dinner and on a night out? I don’t want to spend £3 on sparkling water with lemon or orange juice from concentrate…!
  4. Will it be unbearable to be dead sober when everyone around me gets pleasantly tipsy and relaxed? We all know how awkward that can feel…
  5. Will I naturally fall in the role of ‘the driver’? I know, I know, no one drives in London, but still… you get my point.
  6. Will I lose the courage to talk to people freely and be the social butterfly that a lot of people view me as? I have to admit that a glass of wine always gives me that extra kick of boldness and charisma when I’m surrounded by big groups of people (or when talking to an exceptionally hot guy…).
  7. Will it be hard to relax and switch off after a hectic day? Once in a while I simply need that glass of red to help me let off steam after work.
  8. Will I have to never ever drink wine again? I mean, I love wine, I want to do a wine tasting accreditation and I wouldn’t mind ending up owning a vineyard somewhere in Tuscany one day. Does giving up regular drinking deprive me of my Under the Tuscan Sun or Eat Pray and Love like scenario?
  9. Will I experience a personality crisis? After all, wine is my vice and I am a Pole after all, and we are certainly known to hold our liquor.
  • losing weight
  • improving the quality of my sleep and levels of tiredness in general
  • saving money
  • improving my sports performance
  • having more control over my words and behaviours
  • being able to spend my free time more productively (while a glass of wine at home surely is relaxing, it also prevents me from doing anything other than watching silly TV series…)
  • gaining back control over alcohol consumption in the months to come
Second time this book features in our page… they should pay me for relentless advertising.



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Agnieszka Zbieranska

Agnieszka Zbieranska

Business Psychologist, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, 200hr Yoga Teacher. A firm believer that we can all be better than ‘ok’, in every area of our lives.